ClusterPoliSEE  main objective is to enhance the capacity of regional policy makers to confront, prevent and anticipate change, developing smart specialization strategies for cluster improvement, thus accelerating differentiation and structural change towards a knowledge-based economy. ClusterPoliSEE aims at defining, developing and implementing regional cluster policies as a corollary of the pooling of resources and integration of activities along the global value chain, matching regional competitive advantages with international synergies.


Specific objectives are to:

1. set up a collaborative ICT platform as a learning mechanism system for partnership and relevant stakeholders aiming at improving SEE cluster policies through cooperative learning, policy transfer and information interchange between them  exploring the added value of transnational cooperation based on an open and interactive web-based support for mutual learning;

2. provide an in-depth assessment of the regional cluster policies in the participant countries, based on consideration of past actions, visions of the future, analysis of current contexts and understanding and working with parallel contexts, this as contribution  to develop smarter policies in support of existing/developing, improving the understanding of existing data and information related to cluster development.

3. identify factors, tools, experiences, best practises related to the six thematic priority areas, based on an overall picture of the past and current regional related frameworks, to work on developing new policy learning mechanisms that will be tested through pilot initiatives;

4. strengthen support to result-oriented transnational cooperation for the design of new strategies (Joint strategic Plan, sustainability plan and SEE level Initiative) for project results sustainability and as contribution to support  South East Europe area as the place of innovation.