Management strucure is  defined thorugh the constitution of:


  • Steering Committee (SC) - one member for each Partner ensuring a proper  transnational management and a shared coordination system  to achieve the objectives agreed


  • 6 Working Groups  contributing to a broader understanding of the policy area, to anticipate future needs, and to foster greater cooperation among policy researchers and decision-makers from both government and business sectors.  Each WG focus on thematic priority:


WG 1 - Innovation, R&D driven Cluster Development


WG 2 - Sustainability through Cluster Development


WG 3 -  International Cluster Cooperation and networking


WG 4 - Financial Framework Improvement (Cluster Financing)


WG  5 - Cluster and Regional Specialization


 WG 6   -  New skills and Jobs creation


All WGs will touch upon the horizontal issue of multiple-level and cross-department cluster policies.


  • Technical and Scientific Committee (TSC) which has an advisory role to guarantee the scientific contribution to each content phases and the proper project performance. TSC, is composed by Coordtinator, Work Packages responsible and Woring Groups Leaders, ensures transnational  and cross-disciplinary consultations for the project activities,  oversees quality of project deliverables.