European Business and Innovation Centre Network

Initially it was created under the name of Business Innovation Centre (BIC) in Belgium. After, it became European Business &Innovation Centre Network (EBN) having the support of European Commission and numerous industrial leaders from Europe. Currently the network has 240 members.


Activities developed by the network:

- Policies. It acts like an interface between policy-makers at EU level and its members, representing their interests;

- Quality. Elaborates feasibility studies and offers technical support to set up new BICs, innovation and incubation centres through onsite visits, auditing, consultancy, benchmarking, technical assistance for BICs, candidate BICs and similar organizations, peer-reviews;

- Networking. The network creates appropriate environments for networking, exchanges between members especially at international level through projects, events, thematic actions and sectorial approaches. It facilitates benchmarking and transfer /distribution of expertise, instruments, specific know-how;

- Promotion through brand, newsletter and publications, participation to international and national events, it takes over the initiative to expose its members in media, publications and events.

- Projects: The network facilitates the idea-lab and it coordinates the so called „project factory” for its community by inventing, testing and implementing pilot schemes, projects financed by UE and thematic workgroups. It monitors UE tenders and send notifications to members regarding future projects of strategic interest, it builds and coordinates consortia by involving the members to respond in a proper manner to relevant project proposals.


The B.I.C trade represents the EC registered trademark, recognised as a quality standard in innovation, incubation and entrepreneurship in Europe and worldwide.