ECA represents an open platform establish to maintain an open dialogue at UE level between national and regional authorities responsible for development, management and financing cluster programmes at regional and national level. ECA is part of the initiative PRO INNO Europe (within CIP Programme) and it was created in 2006 by the partners of 4 projects in the field of cluster policies.


Currently, ECA is managed through the project TACTICS (financed by DG Industry &Enterprise) by OSEO and other 6 innovation agencies.


Its activities are mostly related to the activities foreseen in the TACTICS project, on the other hand the activities are established taking into consideration the needs and wishes of the members.


The activities of the project TACTIS are: dialogue on cluster policies between the members of the Reflection Group within the project (group made of 14 high level European policy-makers) which must deliver practical and concrete recommendation on policies.


Activities proposed by members:

- Promotion of international cooperation on cluster;

- Evaluation of cluster excellence;

- Support for branding and cluster marketing;

- Use of cluster excellence to tackle emerging industries or new themes: innovative services, public procurement;

- Channelling financing of research and technological development through clusters excellence;

- User-driven cluster excellence;

- Exploring the role of clusters to tackle societal and major economic challenges;

- Exchanges on topics regarding open innovation and user-driven cluster excellence policies.


Methods: workshops carried out across Europe, experts reviews on current practices and recommendation of new policies and projects to be implemented by ECAS members, dissemination of case studies, reports and a repository of best practices available on the site.


The sites has a multi-criteria research tool for a data base with actors grouped on country and type of organization.