The Coordinator of European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI) have signed and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the European Foundation for Cluster Excellence, through which it entrusted the custodianship of the training material to the Foundation and once the Initiative was completed the Foundation was granted full access to and the permission to use all training materials developed under the Cluster Management Knowledge area of ECEI. The foundation also assumed the role to continue some ECEI tasks:


- Development of the training materials for clusters management excellence;

- Organization of an accreditation system for certifying instructors, through the delivery of train the trainers courses and monitoring of their performances;


Currently the main activity is organization of training for cluster management excellence, which purpose is to train trainers using the training materials developed under ECEI. The classes are exclusively addressing the team proposed by winning consortiums within CIP Call Strand 2. The training materials include: 6 weeks of class curriculum with 10 modules and 8 month of field project/activity.


The training materials are posted on the website, but are available only the participants.


More: Mr. Reza Zadeh, Managing Director,