european cluster observatory

The Cluster Observatory is an online platform that provides a single access point to information and analysis of clusters and cluster policy in Europe. Originally launched in 2007, the Observatory is now offering a range of new services. It provides data and analysis on clusters and competitiveness, a cluster library, and a classroom for cluster education. 


The Cluster Observatory also produces analysis and reports on regional competitiveness conditions, transnational cluster networks, clusters in emerging industries and studies on better practices in cluster organizations.


The platform is supported by 3 partners:

- Centre for Strategy and Competitiveness (CSC) within Economics School from Stockholm, Sweden;

- Ivory Tower, Stockholm, Sweden;

- Orkestra (Basque Institute of Competitiveness), Deusto Foundation, San Sebastian Spain.


Target groups:

- Policy-makers and European, national, regional and local governmental officials;

- Staff involved in cluster management;

- Research and academia.


On the site are registered a number of 127 networks; 1 data base with different types of organizations: centre/institute of research, companies, clusters, chamber of commerce, agencies of innovation, technological and scientific parks and universities.


Main activities:

The platform online offers a point of access to information, analysis of clusters and policies for clusters in Europe. Cluster Observatory offers a toolbox for users:

- Map of clusters is a database regarding clusters in Europe and the regions where they are located (statistics regarding the geographic concentration of different industries and indicators for economic performances);

- Calendar where users can post information about events they wish to promote in the cluster community (conferences, seminaries, workshops);

- Cluster classroom: video spots and other training materials that offer an introduction to clusters and cluster policies;

- Cluster WIKI – information about regions, sectors, organizations and networks, document and events. The user can contribute to the content of this page;

- Cluster library which is a European repository of documents regarding clusters (reports on policies, reports on sectors, regional reports on cluster, study-cases). The user can contribute to the library by loading their own documents. It has a subscription system which delivers notifications to users when new documents/events are uploaded.


More about European Cluster Observatory: